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Liane Carroll Slow Down CD

Liane’s most personal and intimate release to date, ‘Slow Down,’ is a beguiling selection of ballads that hold a special place in her heart. Produced by the Grammy Award-winning David Hentschel and Splashpoint Records’ Neal Richardson and recorded live and solo at the piano in just four hours, it features a wide range of material, from the familiar standards of Ellington, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Ann Ronell, to Laura Nyro and the ever contemplative Tom Waits.
It is a window onto the soul of one of our finest jazz vocalists.

Track Listing
1. MEMPHIS IN JUNE6:10Hoagy Carmichael/Paul Francis Webster
2. ALL THE WAY4:38James Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn
3. LAZY SUSAN3:21Laura Nyro
4. YOU CAN'T SLOW MY HEART DOWN3:51Liane Carroll/Peter Kirtley
5. LET ME BE WHAT YOU BE TO ME4:50David Gill
6. CATCH THE WIND5:34Donovan
7. IN MY SOLITUDE4:28Duke Ellington/Eddie de Lange/ Irving Mills
8. WILLOW WEEP FOR ME5:27Ann Ronell
10. ALL OF ME4:21Seymore Simons/Gerald Marks
11. ONE FINE DAY5:31Ray Bryant/L. Aziza Miller
12. IF I LOVED YOU5:02Rodgers/Hammerstein
13. LAZY AFTERNOON3:17Jerome Moross/John Latouche
14. TAKE IT WITH ME4:07Tom Waits/Kathleen Brenan

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